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Are you in Norfolk or Suffolk and looking for a drum teacher?

Learn to play the drums with MattDrum lessons with Matt are tailored to each individual student, their personal aims and their ability to progress. Choose from 30, 45 or 60 minute long lessons to suit you. Although not essential all students will be encouraged to enter the Rockschool graded exams, but the emphasis will always be to make the lessons enjoyable.

fun bespoke lessons

It is essential to get the technique right at the start, including hand and feet technique, co-ordination, sticking patterns, sight reading and much more. These are all areas covered in the drum lessons.

By using the structured approach of the Rockschool Method Matt is able to teach a great mixture of different genres, and teaches beginners to experienced and from young to old. Let Matt explain why he uses this method for teaching.

Matt is especially keen in developing young talent, helping them to achieve brilliant things on the drum kit. Whether they are looking to make a career out of drumming or just have some fun, he can help them to pursue that passion. In addition, recent research has identified a whole range of behavioural and emotional benefits to drumming as MRI scans “clearly identified regions of the brain that respond to the stimulus of combining multiple limbs”.

hourly lesson from £26

Lessons are in Carleton Rode and prices depend on their duration. However, for example, an hour long lesson costs just £26 when booked as a block of lessons and paid for in advance, which is £10 less than the minimum rate stated by the Musicians Union. This represents excellent value, so book today before any price increases by getting in touch with Matt on 07935 748383, or via the Contact page to discuss.

For your peace of mind Matt has an updated enhanced DBS check in place and is a member of the Musicians Union, so has public liability insurance for all his drumming activities and follows the standards set out in their Code of Practice.

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Rockschool DrumsTerms and conditions

  • Lessons can be paid for individually or in blocks of 5 where payment is required on or before the first lesson. In respect of the latter, failure to renew a block by the first lesson means that individual lesson price applies until the block is renewed.
  • The student agrees to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice with any cancellation.
  • Any cancellation given with less than 24 hours notice may be subject to the full lesson fee still being charged.
  • Lessons are booked over a specific time period, and are charged over the booked period. A student arriving late for a lesson will still be charged the full lesson fee, and finish their session at previously agreed time.
  • Lessons are specifically tailored around the students individual needs including the run up to any exams. The support of parents/carers and students is appreciated.
  • The music room has been made Covid Secure for lessons in line with current Government guidelines. Suitable precautions will be in place and will be strictly adhered to.