Led Free and Co

Led Free and Co

Matt Furness on drums

The band are one of the UK’s finest ‘Led Zeppelin’, ‘Free’ and ‘Bad Company’ tribute acts.

Four highly accomplished musicians, with a love for the classic rock sound of the late 60’s and early 70’s, have come together to replicate the sights and sounds of three of the UK’s iconic and much loved rock acts.

Matt plays drums for the band, taking on the role of Simon Kirke and John Bonham.

He’s joined by Ian Crook on vocals, Toby Jones on guitar and Rob Scholes on bass.

The show features all the classic hits and deep cuts lovingly recreated to spirit you back to the days of loon pants and cheesecloth.

Check out the Led Free & Co website for recordings or come and see the show. Click here to see when they are playing near you.

All photos on this page are by Laurence Harvey